9 reasons for Vetiver

When it’s time to unwind after a long day, or if you need to buckle down for a project in a relaxing environment  – well, this is Vetiver-time. Vetiver essential oil has a sweet – woody fragrance and is a wonderful essential oil got use on your body or in your home, to create a relaxing, focussing atmosphere.
The uses of Vetiver oil are numerous, from providing the perfect grounding scent for a decompressing massage to creating the ideal fragrance for soaps, skincare and perfumes.
keep on reading to learn more about Vetiver! and if you take a break for a vetiver hand massage in between, I understand 🙂.


1. Gift from mother earth

The vetiver plant is a perennial grass native to tropical regions in Asia. It is a aromatic grass with long stems and flowers. The essential oil of Vetiver you’ll find in the roots. Vetiver roots can be as long as 3 meters! These long roots help Vetiver, to live through drought and protect against soil erosion. Main components of Vetiver essential oil are alpha vetivone, benzoic acid, Beta vetivone, furfurol, vetiverol, vetivene, und vetivenyl vetivenate.

2. From the earth into the bottle

Vetiver essential oil is steam distilled from the vetiver roots. It takes about 50 Kg Vetiver roots to get 1 Liter of Vetiver essential oil.

3.For Humankind

Das holzige, erdige, warme Aroma des Vetiveröls wird schon seit Jahrzehnten rund um die Welt hoch geschätzt. Eines der beliebtesten Anwendungsbereiche von Vetiver Duft ist in Seifen und Colognes für Männer. Du kannst einen personalisierten Duft kreieren, indem du als Basisnote etwas Vetiveröl verwendest.

4. Fragrance

Vetiver essential oil is an oil of thresholds. Let this complex and elevating fragrance bring serenity to your mind, so you might be able to fully concentrate on your task at hand. This is a ideal oil to help you with your studies, to accomplish difficult tasks or to simply read an relaxing book. Vetiver essential oil creates an atmosphere, where distractions loose their power.

5. viscous like honey

Vetiver essential oil is known for its viscosity. Sometimes it can be a real ordeal to let the drop come out of the bottle. Patience is a virtue that makes itself paid in this case. However, to use it in a body massage, its recommendable to mix with V6 or some other massage oil.

6.In the bathing tube

Relax yourself from head to toe in adding 15 to 20 drops Vetiver essential oil into your bath. If you want to light candles and listen to your favorite relaxing music – well, that stays between Vetiver and you.

7. on your body

Combine a few drops of Vetiver essential oil with V6 or another plant based oil, to get a relaxing, grounding massage. All those not yet used foot- or hand massage coupons your partner has given you for valentines day – this might be the time you’d like to honor them.

8. On your skin

Vetiver essential oil supports regeneration of skin and tissue. This is not just for stretch marks after giving birth or loosing a lot of wight. Get creative in including Vetiver essential oil in your skin care protocol.

9. at home

Create your own custom blend to bring relaxation to your whole family. Mix 3 drops of Vetiver, 5 drops of lavender and 2 drops of Ylang Ylang in your diffuser to create a relaxing atmosphere to enjoy a relaxing, calm evening. Be it to set the stage for nights of playing board games, reading, or just getting through homework and chores in a calmer atmosphere.

I really hope you found some new ways to use your Vetiver essential oil! If you don’t know yet how to order your own bottle of Vetiver essential oil, go over to our Aroma Experts, choose one and let him or her help you, in getting your first Vetiver essential oil bottle.

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Have a great week and especially, have fun with Vetiver essential oil,

Eila Büche from Team ENJOY