Peppermint essential oil

Peppermint is the essential oil with the most uses. Some people know about up to 140 uses with peppermint essential oil. This makes peppermint the most universal essential oil. 

Peppermint is regarded to be an adaptogenic. This means, it adapts to you bodies needs. So for example peppermint can feel cool, warm or simply relaxing on your skin, depending on what you need.

Peppermint essential oil also makes very delicious, refreshing drinks. Just add one drop peppermint to 1L water. This ist the perfect drink for hot summer days. 

If you get sleepy and tired, but actually should be awake and alert, inhale some peppermint and rub in in your neck, on your temples and put a drop on your tongue. It boosts you with a fresh flush of energy. 

If you got stuffy indoor air, bring freshness and a nice fragrance into the air in diffusing peppermint in your diffuser, or simply wear it on yourself. 


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