Lemon essential oil

All essential oils have effects on 3 main levels: 

  1. The fist level is the physical level, the body.
  2. The second level is the emotional level, the energies.
  3. The third level is the mind and some oils even have an effect on the spirit, on your spiritual dimension.

So what does lemon do?

The fragrance of lemon will help your lungs to open up, it helps your lungs expand. Just by inhaling lemon essential oil everything becomes clearer and you get into a good mood. If you suffer from hazy emotions and foggy feelings, lemon essential oil will help you get clarity and one pointed.

Lemon essential oil carries a lot of oxygen molecules. Lemon helps to improve your memory and get more focussed.

When you apply lemon on the third eye, you will feel a very strong concentration and very strong focus.

Lemon essential oil brings you back your sunny feelings, even in dark and cold wintertimes - good bye winter blues.

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