10 favorite uses with dill essential oil

Would you like to be able to calm unpleasant rumbling in the stomach quickly in the future? Would you like to be able to give your children something to help them sit still and concentrated? Would you like to relax, refresh and simply feel good all around?

Then I recommend Dill…

Did you know that the name “dill” comes from the Saxon word “dilla” or “dillan” which means “to calm down”? Dill actually has a relaxing, calming effect on the mind, especially in the case of irritated nerves and stress.

Who does not know the popular spice from the kitchen: dill? But have you ever heard of the essential oil of dill? Possibly, because now in October you can get it as a gift in ALS for orders of 120PV and more.

Here I have written a blog article for you, with many tips and applications around this essential oil, which is still a bit unusual for many of us… so open your bottle and let’s oil 🙂

The dill (Anethum graveolens) is already mentioned and described in the Papyrus Ebers, an ancient script from Egypt (1550 BC). The Roman gladiators used to apply dill to their skin before every fight, as they believed it would help them find peace and clarity in the midst of all the excitement and nervousness surrounding such a fight.

Also mentioned in Discorides “De Materia Medica” (78 AD), the first publicly recognized European work of medicine, which was the standard work of European physicians for over 1700 years. Hildegard von Bingen (1098-1179) also described and recommended Dill in her work on medicinal herbs and plants. Dill is therefore a very old and popular plant from folk medicine.

“The scent of dill is spicy, sweet and refreshing”

To obtain the essential oil of dill, it is extracted from the seeds and herb by steam distillation. It requires 25 kg dry seeds and 60 – 330 kg herb for 1L oil.

10 favourite applications with dill essential oil

1) Gourmet Tip: Season your dip, soup or salad with a touch of dill+ essential oil

2) To breathe deeply: massage the chest with a drop of dill

3) After the meal: Massage your stomach with a drop of dill

4) Calm: Use dill to balance your emotions and inspire your mind. Dill has a calming effect on the body and mind. Just put a few drops in the diffuser or in a stressful moment rub a drop on your hand and inhale.

5) A craving for sweets: Massage the wrists with a drop of dill and inhale the fragrance to tame excessive cravings for sugar.

6) Children: Did you know that mixing dill with Roman chamomile can help calm your wild child? Both scents are calming and help to release stress from the system. Dill can help the little ones to focus on their intentions and bring clarity to their self-expression.

7) Set your intention: Dill can help you to strengthen your power of visualization and intention.

8) Sports: The Roman gladiators liked to rub dill on themselves before the fight, as they believed that the scent of dill could help them deal with nervousness and stress.

9) Shelf life: Dill can help keep food fresh for a longer period of time. So wash your vegetables in your bowl with water and a few drops of dill, and prepare your food with one or two drops of dill.

10) Sauna: To help the body sweat more toxins out of the body, dill can be applied to the soles of your feet before going into the sauna.

Often we want to help and make a difference in the world by “taking on the world”, but this is not always helpful. Dill helps us understand that by focusing on our own spiritual mission we can really make the biggest difference in the world. And he challenges us to develop that vision for ourselves.

What is the best way to use dill?

In your diffuser: In the evening, put a few drops of dill with a little less lemon balm or lavender (ratio 3:2) in your diffuser. This will create a relaxing atmosphere in your room, in which it will be easy for you to release the fears, tensions and stress of the day. Also for falling asleep this fragrance mixture is simply heavenly!

After sports: Make your own personal “after sports” massage oil. Put a few drops of dill and lavender in a glass bottle with a good carrier oil (such as Young Living’s V6) and massage tense, cramping muscles.

For women: I love to warm up some oil during my days, add a few drops of dill with lavender, rose, or clary sage, and stroke and massage my abdomen with it.

In the office: put a few drops of dill with Roman chamomile (ratio 1:1) in your diffuser. With a few drops of lavender, this mixture is also very suitable for children, for example to do homework or if the child has difficulty sitting still and concentrating.

Wellness at home: Mix 3 drops of dill in some bath salt and enjoy a relaxing, calming and at the same time stimulating bath.

I wish you much joy with dill, please comment below in the comments on how you like to use the essential oil of dill!

Eila Büche from Team ENJOY

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