Oil-Infused Mother’s Day Gift

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9 reasons for Vetiver

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Lime – Vanilla Body Scrub

Do you know the feeling, when you come home after a long, hard day at work—jumping right into the shower, and indulging your body with fragrant, pure essential oils? A regular body scrub is as important as regular face peels. … Read more

12 favorite uses of En-R-Gee

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Let the magic happen – blending essential oils

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May 2017 Promotion

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Release your bitterness

Bitter feelings transform us into perfect victims. They lead us to give up our personal responsibility, therefore we tend to cease to work on our own well-being and healing. It’s normal to feel resentment and embitterment when life doesn’t go … Read more

Christmas Spirit – Christmas Scents

Christmas is a party. Specifically, it’s a birthday party — for Jesus —for the rebirth of light – here on earth.  Birthdays are meant to be celebrated. It’s why we say “Merry Christmas!” Scents play a very important role in creating a … Read more

Are you tired?

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