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Books about aromatherapy and related fields

I. Gary Young and basic Young Living literature

1. ) Aromatherapy. The Essential Beginning. D. Gary Young, Essential Press Publishing 1996 (YL). Can be ordered via

Gary Young’s first book, in which he tells his path to a new understanding of ancient wisdom.

2. ) Essential Oils Desk Reference. Life Science Publishing, 5. Edition, 2011 (YL) Can be ordered via

A must for everybody seriously interested in learning about essential oils and their manifold uses, it gives a comprehensive overview of all essential oils, nutritional supplements, application methods, and extensive list of health conditions.

3.) Essential Oils Pocket Reference. Life Science Publishing 52011 (YL) Can be ordered via

The fundamentals of essential oils in pocket size.

4.) Healing Oils of the Bible. Dr. David Stewart. Care Publications Can be ordered at or

Read about the 18 essential oils that were used by Moses, Jesus, Maria Magdalena and the apostles. This book has an excellent part on electromagnetic frequencies of essential oils and their biochemical constituent parts.

5.) The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple. God’s Love Mainfest in Molecules. Dr. David Stewart, Care Publications 2006 (YL). Can be ordered at or

The complete biochemistry of essential oils and their effect on the human body explained on 900 pages for expert and layman alike.

6.) The One Gift. D. Gary Young, Life Science Publishing 2010 (YL). Can be ordered at or

Shutran is the hero of this autobiographical novel by D. Gary Young. Historical background of the frankincense civilization and ancient anointing oils and remedies are revived and vividly told for the reader.

7.) Shutran’s Ancient Apothecary. Healing Remedies from The One Gift. D. Gary Young, Life Science Publishing 2011 (YL). Can be ordered at

This additional volume gives you a detailed list of the ancient recipes mentioned in “The One Gift“.

8.) Quick Reference Guide for Using Essential Oils. Conny and Alan Higley, Abundant Health 2012 (YL). Can be ordered at or

An alternative to “Essential Oils Pocket Reference” with more emphasis on the oils’ uses for health conditions.

9.) The Primary Usage Guide. An Introduction to the Everyday Use of Therapeutic Essential Oils. Abundant Health 2012 (YL). Can be ordered at

The miniature guide as introduction to everyday use of essential oils, ideal as give-away for your downline or users of essential oils.

II. Specific uses of essential oils

10.) Gentle Babies: Essential Oils and Natural Remedies for Pregnancy, Childbirth, Infants and Young Children. Debra Raybern, Growing Healthy Homes (YL). Can be ordered at or

A summary of the various uses of essential oils for pregnant women, mothers, babies and toddlers. Highly recommended.

11.) Releasing Emotional Patterns with Essential Oils. D.C. Carolyn L. Mein, Vision Ware Press 82008 (YL). Can be ordered at or

Emotional clearing and harmonizing with essential oils has been revolutionized with this extraordinary book by Carolyn L. Mein. This is a fundamental book for working in the realm of emotions; 248 different emotions and application protocols are introduced.

12.) Feelings Buried Alive Never Die…, Karol K. Truman, Olympus Distributing 132009. Can be ordered at

Karol Truman explains in a simple, direct and applicable way the psychological background of Carolyn L. Mein’s book. An insider tip for supplemental work on your emotions.

13.) Healing Feelings from Your Heart. Karol K. Truman Can be ordered at

The next volume after „Feelings Buried Alive Never Die“, going more in-depth.

14.) Molecules of Emotion. Why you feel the way you feel. Candace B. Pert, Ph.D., Simon & Schuster Ltd 1998. Can be ordered at

The chemical and electromagnetical background for working with essential oils and emotions. Specific biochemical molecules in the human body trigger every emotional state.

15.) The Body Electric. Electromagnetism and the power of Life. Robert O. Becker, M.D., Gary Selden, Harper 1985. Can be ordered at

A foundational work about the bioelectricity of the body, its organs and the entire human in conjunction with health.

16.) Healing Oils, Healing Hands. Discovering the power of prayer, hands on healing and anointing. Linda L. Smith, HTSM Press ²2008 (YL). Can be ordered at or

The art of anointing as it was done during early Christian history (anointing of the sick/last rites) and their application nowadays.

17.) The Sacred Art of Anointing. Allison Stillman, Romancing the Divine, 2008 (YL) Can be ordered at

Anointing with essential oils part two, this volume gives insight into further use of essential and anointing oils accessing secrets as far back as Egyptian history.

18.) Inner Transformations Using Essential Oils. Powerful Cleansing Protocols for Increased Energy and Better Health. Dr. LeAnne Deardeuff, DC, Dr. David Deardeuff, DC, Life Science Publishing 2006 (YL). Can be ordered at or

Cleansing and transformation of the body and higher parts of the being with Young Living essential oils.

19.) A Map To God. Awakening Spiritual Integrity. Susie Anthony, O Books 2007 (YL). Can be ordered at

Application of Young Living essential oils on the spiritual journey to wholeness and connecting with the source.

20.) Medical Aromatherapy. Healing with Essential Oils. Kurt Schnaubelt, Frog, Ltd, 1999. Can be ordered at

The director of the Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy in San Rafael explains the basics of medicinal aromatherapy.

21.) Advanced Aromatherapy. The science of essential therapy. Kurt Schnaubelt, Ph.D., Healing Arts Press 1998.

Scientific criteria of aromatherapy – a treasure trove for advanced aroma therapists. Dr. Kurt Schnaubelt’s books about aromatherapy are the great modern classics in this field. This is not just an account of a man with empiric knowledge in aroma therapy but also also one of the most important advocates of scientific research of essential oil today.

22.) Praxis der Neuen Aromatherapie. Rezepte und Anwendungen. Kurt Schnaubelt, vgs verlagsgesellschaft 1998. Can be ordered at

A hands-on aromatherapy book from a adept of this special field.

23.) The healing intelligence of Essential Oils. The Science of Advanced Aromatherapy. Kurt Schnaubelt, Ph.D., Healing Arts Press 2011. Can be ordered at

Kurt Schnaubelt’s latest work describes nature’s intelligence and how brilliantly plants and human nature fit together. This book combines aromatherapy and Chinese medicine.

24.) 375 Essential Oils and Hydrosols. Jeanne Rose, Frog, Ltd. 1999. Can be ordered at

375 of 400 so far known essential oils and hydrosols are listed in this book. A must for every library.

25.) The Practice of Aromatherapy. Jean Valnet, Random House UK 2004. Can be ordered at

This is an intensive study of nearly 50 plants and essences, investigating their history, properties, uses, and methods of application. Case histories are provided, as well as information on the gathering and conservation of plants and a glossary of medical terms.

26.) The Fragrant Pharmacy. A complete guide to Aromatherapy & Essential Oils. Valerie Ann Worwood, Bantam Books 1990. Can be ordered at

27.) The Fragrant Mind. Aromatherapy for Personality, Mind, Mood and Emotion. Valerie Ann Worwood, Bantam Books 1997. Can be ordered at

Written in an accessible style and aimed at aromatherapists, practitioners of alternative medicine, and anyone wishing to use aromatherapy to maintain a peaceful equilibrium or bring about positive change, this book concentrates on the mood-changing effects of natural oils. “A good addition to alternative medicine collections.”–Library Journal.

28.) The Fragrant Heavens. The Spiritual Dimension of Fragrance and Aromatherapy. Valerie Ann Worwood, Bantam Books 1999. Can be ordered at

Valerie Ann Worwood’s classical aromatherapy trilogy – nowadays only available second-hand. Aromatherapy for the physical body (The Fragrant Pharmacy), aromatherapy for the mind and emotions (The Fragrant Mind) and for Spirituality and mental development (The Fragrant Heavens) are explained in very useful format.

29.) The Complete Book of Essential Oils & Aromatherapy. Over 600 Natural, Non-toxic & Fragrant Recipes to Create Health, Beauty, A Safe Home Environment. Valerie Ann Worwood, New World Library 1991. Can be ordered at

New extended version of Fragrant Pharmacy.

30.) Aromatherapy for the Soul. Healing the Spirit with Fragrance and Essential Oils. Valerie Ann Worwood, New World Library 1999. Can be ordered at

New extended version of Fragrant Mind.

31.) Aromatherapy for the Healthy Child. More than 300 Natural, Nontoxic and Fragrant Essential Oil Blends. Valerie Ann Worwood, New World Library 2000. Can be ordered at

A detailed description of the application of essential oils for the healthy child from one of the three leading and living authorities (besides Gary Young and Kurt Schnaubelt) on aromatherapy in the field of essential oils.

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