How you can turn your dreams into reality

“Doing what you love is the cornerstone of an abundant life.”
Wayne Dyer

The first rocks high in the mountains light up. The first rays of sunlight make their way over the high peaks. My eyes almost close – but an inner strength carries me on and I manage to stay awake and focused, even though we’ve been driving all night.

As I keep my eyes fixed on the majestic peaks, watching more and more of them, shrouded in mysterious darkness until recently, slowly being bathed in the reddish light of the morning sun, the experiences of the past few days are still echoing within me.

I have just returned from Croatia. The route took us from Split over the Alps back to Germany. The annual Young Living Convention, the day at the farm and distillery… it was magical. It wasn’t just Mary Young who inspired us with her personality and message… but that’s for another blog post!

What still resonates most with me is the challenge to live my dreams. I ask myself: am I really living my dream? If everything could be, how would I really live?

Do you have dreams that have so far remained unfulfilled?

Have you kept putting them off because of the challenges of daily life?

Have some perhaps even been lost?

Then now is the time to continue your journey! I am firmly convinced that each of us has been given the dreams and longings of the heart to realise them, like a kind of “cosmic to-do list”. So, let’s get started! In the following, I would like to show you how you too can turn your dreams into reality.

How does manifestation work?

Manifestation is the process of bringing things and situations into reality through the power of positive thoughts, feelings, emotions and purposeful action.
To enhance the power of manifestation, we will use essential oils. This is because they relax your mind, help you to let go of stress and anxiety and evoke positive feelings and emotions.
In this article, I’ll show you the best essential oils for manifesting your dreams and give you step-by-step instructions so you can get started right away.

Step 1: what have you manifested in your life so far?

You are the most powerful person in your life! You are a creator. Close your eyes for a moment and look at them: your manifestations, your creations. What have you created? What have you created in your life? What have you manifested so far? Look at both the beautiful and the painful things. They all belong to you, they were all manifested by you. Don’t dismiss the things you don’t like. Accept them. Wrap them in love. Take responsibility for them too.

Once you have accepted the current state, then direct your inner focus towards the future. Always follow the joy and concentrate on what you want – because energy follows attention. Fill all your senses, your attention, your flat or house with what you want to experience. If you focus your attention on what is painful and what you no longer want, you will manifest more of it. Because – you already know the principle: energy follows attention. And energy is the fabric from which we weave and create our lives.

But what does all this have to do with essential oils?

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years. In the late 19th century, modern science began to take an interest in the effects of aromatherapy. Since then, numerous studies have been conducted on the effects of essential oils. Below we will explore the use of essential oils for manifesting your heart’s desires.

What is the best way to apply essential oils?

There are many different ways to use essential oils. The most common ways are hand inhalation, inhalation using diffusers or inhaling the fragrance directly from the bottle. In this way, the molecules will then interact directly with your limbic system, the part of your brain that controls your emotions and memory.

The act of bringing something into being is called manifestation. Every manifestation begins with a thought, which comes to life through a feeling and is realised through action.

Step 2 – the power of intent

Die klare Absicht und das Vertrauen darauf, das deine Träume Wirklichkeit werden werden – das ist der Schritt zwei. Denn wenn du eine klare Vision, eine klare Absicht und das Vertrauen darauf hast, dass es klappen wird, wirst du entsprechende Handlungsschritte unternehmen, die dich unweigerlich ans Ziel führen werden.

Und hier kommen nun auch wieder die ätherischen Öle mit ins Spiel. Sie bringen dich in die entsprechende Stimmung, erhöhen deine Schwingung und aktivieren deine tief in dir schlummernde Manifestationskraft.

Week 1: You create your own reality through your thoughts and beliefs – Transformation

Do you realise that you create your own reality? Yes! Albert Einstein once said: “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change too.” Exciting – isn’t it? The bad news is: you are fully responsible for everything in your life. You are never just a “victim”. The good news is: since you are the creator in your life, you have the power to change “it”.

Please take a short moment now. Close your eyes and visualise your life. What do you like about your life? What don’t you like, what perhaps even hurts you? Now take a drop of the essential oil blend Transformation. Breathe the fragrance in and out deeply. The next time you inhale, visualise the things in your life that you would like to change and transform. Envelop them in the scent of transformation. Envelop them in white-violet light. Imagine inwardly how you hold and accept these things in the fire of transformation of love. By accepting them in love, they can leave and dissolve.

Keep breathing in the scent of transformation. And keep going until you feel that something is moving and the transformation has begun. This can take anything from a few seconds to several minutes.

Special tip: Enjoy a transformation bath. To enhance the effect of the transformation, add 4-5 drops of transformation to your bath salts and enjoy a hot transformation bath. Place candles in the bath, perhaps with healing singing bowls or mantras gently playing in the background to support the transformation process.

Week 2: Every thought you have is an affirmation – Believe

What do you believe in? What are your deep beliefs?

Here I will give you a very valuable tool that has the power to transform your entire life: the mindfulness alarm clock.

Here’s how it works: set your alarm clock about 7 times throughout the day (for example, in your mobile phone, so it’s always with you). Each time it rings, pause for a moment and look at your thoughts: do they correspond to your life’s dream? If they were to become reality right now – what would that be like? Now take your Believe bottle out of your bag, open the lid and inhale the fragrance with a deep breath. If the thoughts you had just now correspond to your truth, then reinforce them now as you inhale Believe and increase them. If they belong to a reality that you don’t want to experience (anymore), then let them go and replace them with other thoughts. Because with every thought you think, you set a process in motion that brings you more of it. By bringing your thoughts into alignment with your heart’s dreams, they will inevitably begin to come to you.

Week 3: You attract what you focus on – Abundance

What are you focussing on?

The nature of life is abundance. We live on a planet of abundance. Life doesn’t know the word “no” or “not”. So if you focus on “not getting sick”, then you will get sick more. If you focus on “never get hurt again”, you will attract more hurt. Always focus on the positive, in this case being healthy or someone being mindful of you. Don’t try to lose weight, focus on lightness in your body and on feeling beautiful, fit and supple. And above all, don’t focus on your debts or your empty bank account. Focus on abundance and wealth.

Write down what you want in your life. Then take a drop of Abundance in your hands, rub it in and inhale the scent deeply. Now go through your list point by point. Imagine what it feels like to have a full bank account, a rich income, a fulfilling partnership, … whatever your heart desires! The important thing here is that you breathe life into the images: how does it feel? how does it smell? how does it sound? how does the light play? Let your ideas, thoughts and visions come to life as much as possible.

Repeat this at least once a day. Experience your life as you would like it to be from the bottom of your heart. In all its fullness and richness.

Week 4: The secret ingredient for your manifestation – Magnify Your Purpose

You may be asking yourself now: How is this all going to work in the long run? This is where your intention comes in. Intend to be a successful singer, network marketer or mum. Intend to improve your financial, health or social situation. Focus on the outcome you want. Have the full intention to realise it. And you will see, suddenly small opportunities, steps, coincidences and intuitions will appear that will bring you closer to your life step by step. The important point here is that you can only learn to swim if you actually jump into the water. You can’t know how to do it beforehand. Once you have jumped into the water, you will recognise the next step, and then the next, and so on. And one day you will realise that you are suddenly there.

If you hesitate, if you are afraid to jump, pick up your bottle of Magnify Your Purpose. This fragrance will help you to connect with your deep, inner purpose in life. And in this connection lies enormous power.

Inhale Magnify Your Purpose. Close your eyes. Focus your attention on your heart. Dive deeper and deeper into your heart until you have connected with the life force that flows from your heart. Let this power flow through you. Let the certainty of your life’s purpose flow through your entire being.

Week 5: You attract who you are, not what you want – Acceptance

Many people think they can ‘pretend’, but life cannot be fooled. If you are a loving, generous person, you will attract the same into your life. If you are deceitful, lying or sneaky, so will you. If you are lacking within, you will attract more lack. If you are in abundance, you will attract more abundance. So the secret is to be what you want to be. It is not easy to change your own character traits. But it is possible. For example, with the help of the scent archetypes, or simply by lovingly accepting your shadows.

The fragrance of Acceptance will help you to accept your shadows in love so that you can transform them in the second step.

This is one of the most important steps. Just as a gardener or farmer has to give the seeds and plants space and time to grow, it is important to give things the time and space to unfold. It is important to ensure that there is enough sun, wind and water. But don’t pull and tug at the sprouts, as this won’t make them grow any faster – on the contrary, it can destroy them. So practise patience. Allow the transformation process of your life the time it needs.

Week 6: Relax and let it come – Humility

This is one of the most important steps. Just as a gardener or farmer has to give the seeds and plants space and time to grow, it is important to give things the time and space to unfold. It is important to ensure that there is enough sun, wind and water. But don’t pull and tug at the sprouts, as this won’t make them grow any faster – on the contrary, it can destroy them. So practise patience. Allow the transformation process of your life the time it needs.

Humility is the fragrance that helps you to let things take their course with humility and patience. There is a higher wisdom and power behind your life, behind all things. This power, this life has its own intelligence. Trust it. Take action, direct your thoughts and feelings and let life do its thing.

Stay tuned for weeks 7 – 10!

Now – get your oils out, start oiling and manifesting! I’d love to hear about your manifestations, so please comment below how things are going,

Eila for Team ENJOY

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