12 favorite uses of En-R-Gee

Have you ever had the experience of running out of energy and enthusiasm? That you – like a car which run out of gas – loose your speed and eventually can’t move on at all?
I had that experience form time to time. Usually I tried to get my energy back by eating sugar. Many people try the same thing by drinking coffee – and you might even be one of us. The thing with sugar, coffee and similar stuff is, that it gives you a short push, only to let you fall down in that energy-whole even deeper.

One day, when I had one of those energy leaks, a friend of mine asked me: “why don’t you try En-R-Gee?”

“Well” – I thought to my self – “what is there to loose? pure essential oils might be able to help – and are even healthy and overall supportive. Why not?” So I got myself a bottle of En-R-Gee and started playing with it. Here I want to give you my 12 favorite uses with En-R-Gee that I found most helpful for myself.


12 favorite uses with En-R-Gee essential oil blend

Basically you can use En-R-Gee in your diffuser, for inhalation, in your bathing water/shower or directly applied on your body.

  1. Get back into your strength: Apply a few drops En-R-Gee on your spine and rub 1-2 drops on the bottom of your feet to ge ´t your energy and enthusiasm back.
  2. Energy-Shower: Take your shower as usual – with cold or warm water – but instead of using shower gel, use up to 15 drops of En-R-Gee and rub in on your wet skin.
  3. Diffuse: Diffuse En-R-Gee in your diffuser when ever you need more energy and want to get clarity and focus in your thoughts.
  4. Travelling: Are you tired from a long, exhausting car-drive? Take a cotton ball or tissues, add a few drops of En-R-Gee and put it into the ventilation slot. Let the energyzing fragrance of En-R-Gee fill your car, clear your thoughts and bring back your energy.
  5.  Jet Lag: Finally there – but Jet Lag makes it really hard to adapt to the new time zone, and all you really want to do is stay in bed and sleep? Rub En-R-Gee all over you – full body massage – and feel how your energy and desire to explore are coming back.
  6. Study: Do you need some extra motivation & energy to prepare your presentation or study for an exam? Diffuse En-R-Gee in your diffuser and if you like, rub it on all those body parts who feel tired and lethargic.
  7. Motivation: Is there anything in your life you wish you had attended to long ago? Do you need an extra push to finally do it? Take a few minutes, rub a drop of En-R-Gee in your hands and inhale deeply for at least one minute. See in your head how you already accomplished it, feel how that feels. Now open your eyes and get to work!
  8. Sport: Diffuse En-R-Gee in your gym to get extra motivation and energy for your workout. Do you exercise in a public gym or outside? Apply a few drops En-R-Gee behind your ears, on your wrists and neck. Inhale deeply for a few breaths bevor beginning your training.
  9. Work: Do you also suffer from 3 pm blues? Do you need an extra kick to be able to be productive and vibrant until the last minute of your day? Diffuse En-R-Gee in your USB-Diffuser or simply treat yourself with a 5 minute En-R-Gee inhalation break.
  10.  Parents: Most parents, new or experienced, know this deep feeling of exhaustion coming from countless sleepless nights, wild children-play and house work. Whether you have teenagers or new borns at home, who won’t let you get a good nights rest and keep you running all day long. Sometimes an additional Energy-Boost is exactly what you need.
  11. Caffein: Are you trying to reduce your coffee intake? Are you trying to live a healthier lifestyle with no sugar? Support yourself with En-R-Gee to avoid falling in those deep energy and exhaustion holes.
  12. Intimacy: To be honest – sometimes we simply find ourselves too tired to be there for our our spouse, to enjoy intimacy and to truly connect at the end of a long, hard day.  Work, children, all kind of worries and stress took all our energy we had. Instead of simply turn your back on your spouse and fall a sleep the moment your head touches your pillow, use En-R-Gee to stay present and awake. You can even allow En-R-Gee to become part of your intimacy. Be creative and explore!