6 Favourite uses with spruce essential oil

Do you love nature? Do you love to go out there, maybe sit at a quiet lake in the woods, taking a deep breath of the clear and fresh air, enjoying all those colors, fragrances and the peace and quiet of nature?

Imagine, you could get anywhere in the world right now by blinking 3 times with your eyes. Imagine you are in the depth of a majestic spruce wood.  Maybe you are in the mountains, surrounded by blue spruce. Or you went on up into the northern taiga into the forests of black spruce.

You take a deep breath. You fill your lungs with the clear, fragrant air from under those trees. You feel strengthened, rejuvanated, refreshed.

Did you end up with the black spruces up in the northern taiga or up in the mountains with the blue spruces? 

1.Emotional Wellbeing

In order to stay in a good and happy mood, to get more of that swing into your step and energy into your everyday life – surround yourself with the fragrance of spruce. Spruce supports you in clearing emotional clutter, stress, supports your concentration and helps you to get your energy back. 

Use: Put 5 – 10 drops of spruce (depending of the size of you room) into your diffuser and create yourself an atmosphere full with those positive attributes of spruce. Choose between black- or blue spruce, depending on what you desire more in the given moment.

2. Health for your muscles and joints 

Whether due to stress, overuse or something else – your muscles and joints need to be strong and healthy in orther for you to feel good. Indulge your body, muscles, joints and tissue with a warming, relaxing spruce-massage!

Use: warm up some coconut oil and add a few drops of your essential spruce oil. Massage your desired areas and enjoy all those good benefits of spruce essential oil.

3. Take a deep breath

Your breath accompanies you your whole life. It is with you from the first breath you take until your last. Most people never think about it and take their breathing as a given, until suddenly it doesn’t work so well anymore, like it might during a cold, allergy attack or thin air. If you ever had difficulties with your breathing, you might know how devastating this can feel.

Good, proper and deep breathing increases your wellbeing on all levels. Especially low breathing has a whole list on good stuff it does for you.

Use: Take one drop of spruce essential oil into the palms of your hands, rub 3 times clockwise and cup your hands bevore your nose. Close your eyes and breath the fragrance of spruce in. Feel how while breathing in your belly, your ribs and your breast widen, and while breathing out your belly, your ribs and your breast drop back into their usual position. Imagine that you breath this fragrance of spruce into every cell of your body.
Really give yourself 2-3 minutes for this. And do this breathing 3-4 times a day. Comment below how you feel afterwards!

4. Poise and balance

IInner imbalance can hace a very negative impact on all kind of areas of your life; your body weight, your bodily functions, your libido, your vitality and a lot more can be impacted in a negative way.

Use: Use the power of spruce to strengthen your inner balance. In the morning, first thin stand infront of a mirror. Rub spruce essential oil on the soft parts of your body, smile at yourself and tell your reflection: “you are beautiful, strong and powerful. This will be a great day, you can overcome all of lifes challenges”. 

You can either use a pure drop pf spruce essential oil, or you make yourself a massageoil by mixing a view drops of spruce with some V6 or some other high quality massage oil.

More tips following shortly…