A special “sitsers-love” moment in november

This is how essential oil saved our evening!

A cold puff of air rushes through the door – it’s freezing outside, and Alexdoesn’t seem to mind! I”m outraged. Today’s youth – no respect for others. Impious!

I get up, furiously, to point it out to my little sister, that through her ignorance and selfishness everyone in here is going to freeze. But as soon as I turn into the hallway that leads to the dront door, my anger dissolved immediately.

“Alex, what happened??!” Stunned and startled I rush upon my little sister, take her coat and embrace her in my arms. “Just wait, until I get you guys in my cluthes” I think by myself. I feel my inner lioness rising at the thought, that someone might even try to harm my little sister.

I help Alex out of her wet, cold clothes. Todays fashion! really… I can struggle to keep my eyes from rolling. Nacked ankles, thin substances, shoes that are everything than suitable to walk them through snow… awful! Why can’t fashion be at least a little bit human-friendly? Well, beauty must suffer – when I was a kid my mum used to tell me that. Who knows – maybe she was right?

I get Alex a big cup of Slique – Tea, best tea to warm up, calm nerves and get back into a somewhat peaceful inner place.Then I wrap a warm blanket around her and grab her icecold feet.

Teatree (Melaleuca alternifolia)

What would you do now?

Well, all I could think of was: “how do I get her feet warm? How do i strengten her bodys resistance, so she will stay healthy? I grab my little brown bottle, let a few drops of its content drop on my hands, rub them together and start to massage her feet.

Teatree oil is one of my favourites when it is about staying healthy, strong and especiall after a day like today, when Alex has probably frozen herself to death all day long.

Teatree is also helpful in setting boundaries and keep emotional garbage, that someone might want to load on your back, far off. Teetrea also helps with letting go of toxic relationships and patterns, to see clearly what and who is good for you and who isn’t.

My special secret is to blend teatree and lavender 1:1. Not only in your diffuser they smell delightfull, these two are a real power team especially after a day like the one, Alex just had.


There is a lonely tear making its way from the corner of her left eye, rolling down her cheeks. How can I get this beautifuI smile back on her face? I wonder. I grab an other bottle, the one I always carry with me – “the fragrance of joy, only the fragrance of joy might help now” I think to myself.

“I have drunken deep of joy,
and I will not tast any other wine tonight.“
― Percy Bysshe Shelley

I love this quote. Joy is one of the most precious things in life. The fragrance of rose, jasmin, palmarosa, chamomile, coriander, lemon, geranium, ylang ylang and bergamot starts to diffuse in the room. Hmmmm…. is that the fragrance of paradise? I wonder. This blend of citrusfruits, flowers and a hint of herbs – noone can close their hearts to them. It balances emotions, encourages self love, and right now this sad and tired face of my beloved little sister tells me: we need a big portion of joy and self love tonight.

I put my arms around her, hold her tighly while both of us breath this wonderful scent. And indeed, there it is, a little shy smile plays around her lipps. “I love you so much, little sister”, I whisper in her ear. “I would give everything I have to see this beautiful smile shining on your face!”


A couple of hours later, after much talking, listening and just holding space find myself at her

bed. She’s is sleeping deep and soundly by now. Lavender has done the trick. There is no worry or distraugh, that lavender can not chase away in order for her to find a deep and sound sleep.

I give thanks to lavender, and tip toe out of her room.

Now, how can I pamper myself tonight? Do you have any suggestions for me?

I wish you a wonderful week, take good care and remember to strengten and spil yourself and your family with the pure fragrances and oils from mother nature!

Eila Büche

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