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For the past 30 years I have been traveling the world as international speaker, personal trainer and meditation teacher. The world has shown me a lot and with meditation I started to travel the inner worlds…..Thankfully, life has even gifted me with the opportunity to teach meditation to 145,000 people.

When you expect it the least, something new comes around the corner. In my case it happened on August 1, 2009 – an old friend of mine showed me an oils case with colored tiny bottles that looked mysterious – Young Living’s therapeutic grade Essential Oils had arrived in my life. What I did not expect was, that with the physical products a presence, an energy would come into my life that would connect me with the millennia old tradition that reaches back to King Solomon, the Isis priestesses, Jesus, Mary Magdalene and the Apostles as well as the Druids. These oils and essences provided me with access to supporting physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health, while at the same time incorporating a modern lifestyle that brings an abundant balance between the inner and the outer life.

2015 – you can join me in the search for more wellness, purpose and abundance in your life. I will support you both in finding more health, wealth and harmony in your outer life, as well as coach you in personality development and becoming a self determined, free and strong human being. It will be an honor for me to accompany you for part of your journey!



Mobil: +49 163 260 1976 

Skype: adityanowotny

Young Living-ID: 1090617

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Dedicated to Your happiness, your success and your progress,




Aditya Nowotny