The Aroma Archetypes

HarzeWhat is personality? and what has it got in common with essential oils? and why is it so important for your life?

Physically, we human beings are much the same. We all have a skeleton, with muscles, respiratory system, cardiac and circulatory system, digestive organs, and so on. Where we differ profoundly from one another is in our brain functions – our thoughts, emotions and behavior. In other words: our personality. Not two people are the same in terms of their ideas, attitudes, dreams, temperament and so on.



Where does this difference come from?

Personality is not, like a fingerprint, etched into us for ever. It can change – we can change it. People do change – sometimes even quite dramatically. Sometimes we change because of an outer influence – like a new job, or love. Sometimes we change because of an inner influence, like finding a spiritual home.

Psychologists agree – and we all know it – that conformity is not necessarily good for us and being true to ourselves is. If we develop control over our lives, take time for deep personal relationships, time for reflection and develop our imagination to overcome problems, we become happy and live a fulfilled life.

But who are we?

Dr. Roger Woolger answers this question with:´ Each other life that comes to us, however brief or fragmentary, is a piece of another self. The personality is not single, its multiple – not in the psychiatric sense of multiple personality, but in that there are many levels to the self like many skins to an onion. We peel off these selves as we look into our past lives or as we look into our dreams.´Webster´s dictionary lists 17.953 different descriptions of personality traits. This shows the immense complexity that there is in the human character. Trying to classify these traits into distinct personality types has been an aspect of human endeavor since the beginning of time.

BlütenAll the systems of characterology and typology stress, that no character is ´better´than another. Its balance what is is all about. Fire for example is enlivening and warming, but it can also destroy and burn everything to the ground, if taken to extreme. Water can be a refreshing, live giving and nourishing stream, but it can also become a wave, that pushes aside all in its path. Balance and connection with our universal self is the ultimate human goal.

The human being is all about potential. We all have good and bad days. But the question is: how many good or bad days do you have?

The Aroma Archetypes are here to help you find your balance. They are here to help you to maximize your potential, so that you can operate more often on the positive side of your potential.

Choosing the Aroma Archetype which can help you best takes honesty. Often people choose an Aroma Archetype which they´d like to be, rather then the one they are dominant at the moment. They are going for the person they wish they were, rather than for the person they are at the present moment. One person may even feel, that she or he displays the characteristics of more than one Aroma Archetype. You may find, that you have a little bit of the leaf, root and seed Archetype. This is perfectly fine. Remember: our goal is balance. So the perfect balanced human being incorporates the best quality of each Archetype in his or her personality. The ideal person might for example have the enthusiasm of the flower, the good nature of the fruits, the practical  caring skills of the herbs, the vision of the leafs  and the wisdom of the resins. The peace-making qualities of the roots, the spirituality of the seeds and the courage of the woods.

But not everybody aims to become a fully rounded individual. Many people are perfectly happy being there best in what ever Archetype they already express, that might be enough for them. Its not a question of getting a better person as far as other people are concerned, its about you, and becoming a better you. This is judged in terms of happiness and good health. It is not for us to dictate what makes a person perfect and happy. It is for each individual to establish that for themselves. And, how can we measure if they succeeded? By a happy, smiling face.

WurzelnThe Aroma Archetypes can help us to attain a natural state where we feel completely at ease, where we are completely fulfilled. But attaining these ease, this feeling of fulfillment does´t happen over night.

One of the most exiting aspects of essential oils is the immense possibility of combining and mixing different oils together to create a personal blend, just for one self. When we find the essential oils which best suit us personally, we can progress in leaps and bounds and become the person we truly are – and we truly wish we were.

The fun part in playing with these oils is, that we start using essential oils we might never have thought of using before. Some of the most unusual combinations can have a profound impact not only on the body, but on the whole person – body, mind and spirit. For example; if you blend one drop of every floral oil you have together, the effect can be simply divine. A depth of effect can occur, which goes well beyond the physical and into the etheric, so that a kind of electrical shudder or wave of energy flows through the whole body. It is humbling to experience, how nature has her own system, which is expressed in sheer beneficial beauty.

The essential oils matching your Aroma Archetype can help you to adjust your personality, so that the negatives have less influence and impact on you, and the positives can grow and become stronger in your personality. We want to replace the negative with the positive, and with the essential oils you actually can do that. You can add a drop of joyfulness, a drop of spirituality, a drop of loyalty in form of essential oils which deliver these qualities. Nature adds positivity – and there is no place were nature is more concentrated than in essential oils.

How to apply the Aroma Archetypes?

Choose your Archetype, the one you want to improve and strengthen. Mix all the oils you can get from that Archetype and start using your personal blend. Smell it, carry it around, apply it on the body,… you can let your fantasy roam for finding new and exiting ways to use your blend. Surround yourself with the fragrance of your personal oil blend.