The 12 Oils of the Bible

Sunday, 3 May, 8 – 10 pm
Ancient Essences & The 12 Oils Of The Bible

Essential oils and anointing oils are among the most ancient remedies of natural medicine – even at the times of King Solomon, the high priestesses of Isis, as well as Moses, Jesus and Mary Magdalene steam destilled plant essences
were already used

This seminar presents amazing secrets about the oils:
they are free from fatty molecules, thus pure essence
they are highly frequent as shown by the work of Bruce Tainio

they are virtually without expiry date, as the oils
in the grave of Tutankhamun were still fresh after 3300 years

Many further secrets, especially concerning the emotional and spiritual uses of the oils will be central to this special seminar – we will sample and smell many of the special oils from ancient times.

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