Christina Tarantola

600865_10101064154328267_683879659_nAs an integrative medical pharmacist and healer, I became extremely intrigued by the natural healing power of essential oils and how they could benefit myself and my clients. When I first began using Young Living Essential oils I was amazed at the emotional and spiritual benefits I experienced. I felt more balanced and grounded and wanted to share the experience with my clients. I knew that the oils were pure, of therapeutic grade, and would edify the healing experience. I started using the oils in my Reiki practice and found that the oils enhanced and complemented the Reiki healing beautifully. As a coach, I help people tap into what their true passion is, what moves them and what is preventing them from getting there. My personalized approach includes helping my clients heal through nutrition/lifestyle modification, energy healing and aromatherapy. My mission is to help raise the energy vibration of the clients and people I come into contact with and the world we live in. The means through which I chose to do this is through individualized and group coaching, writing articles and wellness books and putting out daily informational YouTube videos to help people understand more about health and healing. My big dream is to impact as many people as possible through these different mediums and minimize illness and dis-ease. If my services can benefit you, I look forward to connecting with you soon!


Dr. Christina Tarantola Licensed Pharmacist & Certified Health Coach and Reiki I Master

P: (631)336-9132



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