Dalmatia Collection

Imagine how the gentle Croatian wind plays with your hair. The soft splash of the waves, the rays of the sun dancing on the water. A deep feeling of relaxation, fresh energy and happiness will flow through you… The scents of the Dalmatian set will carry you away into the Croatian sun!

Welcome to Dalmatia, Croatia and our exclusive oil collection. The Dalmatia Essential Oils Collection is an exclusive limited edition set. It contains three 5 ml oils from Young Living’s Dalmatia Aromatic Farm near the Adriatic Sea in Split, Croatia:

These luxurious oils, including Dalmatian laurel, Dalmatian juniper, and Dalmatian sage, bring the earthy and aromatic scents of the Mediterranean to your home. Wonderful 🙂

All oils are distilled on the Dalmatian farm to capture the true essence of these Croatian oils.

Young Living donates 10% of every sale of the Dalmatian essential oil collection to the D. Gary Young, Young Living Foundation. So with every purchase you make, you are also helping to support Croatian children’s homes and orphans.

Welcome to Dalmatia in beautiful Croatia!

Dalmatia Bay Laurel

Has a fresh, sweet, refreshing aroma with a rich and woody touch of eucalyptol.

The essential oil of laurel is traditionally used for protection and cleansing. This oil has been used since ancient Greece and Rome.

Did you know that the ancient Greeks and Romans believed that the laurel tree had prophetic and divining powers? Yes, and when they sought shelter under the tree, they were divinely protected by thunder and lightning storms!

Spiritually speaking, in the Middle Ages the laurel or laurel tree was often planted in front of a house to protect and promote success. It is symbolic of victory and brings back memories of the Olympic athletes and the ancient Romans who wore it as a wreath on the crown of their heads.

The essential oil of laurel sharpens your consciousness and perception, it strengthens your intuitive, clairvoyant and clairaudient abilities. When your mind is relaxed, you will be able to receive messages better and strengthen your confidence in the process.

Laurel oil integrates the emotional and mental bodies, which helps to release blockages and to release your fear of personal power. Every person is powerful, infinitely strong and great. Release your fear of your own greatness and strength!

Those who wish to open or expand their creative side will enjoy using this oil in their work and during meditation. Laurel oil integrates the emotional and metal bodies.

  • Add some Dalmatia Bay Laurel to shampoos, lotions or skin creams to maintain healthy scalp and skin.
  • Use it with Marjoram or Ortho Sport Massage Oil and apply it to the skin or use it for a foot massage.
  • Nebulize it with lemon, tangerine and peppermint to create an environment that inspires and energizes.

Dalmatia Juniper

Has a fresh, gentle, subtle, earthy and earthy aroma. The essential juniper oil is a powerful cleanser, detoxifier and purifier of the auric field. Juniper supports a healthy skin and improves the appearance of a healthy looking skin.

The sweet, tart scent of juniper has an uplifting effect on the mind and creates a feeling of peace.

This oil helps you release thoughts of oppression, insecurity and anger. These negative thoughts keep you from aligning with your mind and developing a deeper divine consciousness.

As your chakras align with the divine within you, you also align and connect with your soul group. This creates protection and security on a very deep level for your soul. And allows you to move forward with a feeling of support and love from the Source.

  • Nebulize it alone or with the other oils of this collection and enjoy the uplifting aroma.
  • Mix it with Young Living V-6® Enhanced Vegetable Oil Complex and use it as an evening toner.
  • Add it to DiGize, peppermint, or ginger and apply to the skin. It is especially good as an aromatic refreshment after a meal.

Dalmatia Sage

Has a rich, spicy and clarifying aroma when fogged
will. The essential oil of sage can help and cheer up in cases of mental exhaustion. It is known for its ability to strengthen the senses and vital centers of the body.

I like to use sage oil in shampoos. Or to literally “cleanse” the air or a workspace, as the Native Americans did when they burned sage sticks to prepare for spiritual ceremonies.

Sage has been used for thousands of years to induce states of trance and increase spiritual awareness. It can help you purify and purify your life patterns, especially where you are fighting yourself.

During this process you surrender to the spirit and allow the wisdom of the elders, which is also dormant within you, to support you on your path and change your beliefs when they no longer serve you. Sage oil also offers you protection and the security you need to allow this process to unfold.

  • Nebulize it during meditation to create a feeling of clarity.
    and strengthen your spiritual practice.
  • Apply it together with Ortho Ease massage oil directly to the skin and enjoy a relaxing, grounding massage.
  • Add a drop to your favorite Young Living skin care products for a clearing, refreshing fragrance.

I wish you a fragrant week with the sun of Croatia,
Eila Büche for Team ENJOY

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