Essential Oils – Man´s first medicine

PlantsPlants not only play a vital role in the ecological balance of our planet, but they have also been intimately linked to the physical, emotional, and spiritual well being of mankind since the beginning of time.

Essential oils and plant extracts have been woven into history since the beginning of time and are considered by many to be the missing link in modern life.
They have been used in various ways in every aspects of life, and are loved by both children and grown ups.

Essential oils strengthen the Body, provide exquisite fragrances to balance mood, lift spirits, dispel negative emotions, and create a romantic atmosphere.

Essential Oils – Man´s first Medicine… from ancient writings and traditions, it seems that aromatics were used for religious rituals, the treatment of illness, and other physical and spiritual needs.

Records dating back to 4500 BC describe the use of balsamic substances with aromatic properties for religious rituals and medical applications.
Ancient writings tell of scented barks, resins, spices, and aromatic vinegars, wines, and beers that were used in rituals, temples, astrology, embalming, and medicine.

The evidence certainly suggests that the people of ancient times had a greater understanding of essential oils than we have today.