Highest Potential

The access to one’s own intuition, the blossoming of one’s own potential are gifts, as we have all naturally noticed. But as it is with some things, we often lose access to them in the process of becoming adults. Things like creativity, playing, imagination, intuition, etc. are the gifts that are given to us to develop and live our highest potential.

What is intuition?

This is about connection, about connecting with yourself. And when you have come into connection with yourself, with your innermost self, then you need the courage to trust and follow what you feel within yourself.

What about your trust in yourself? Can you feel yourself? Are you connected with your intuition? Can you listen to it?

When I first smelled the scent of Highest Potential essential oil, I could really physically feel my mind and brain relaxing. It had a very strong effect on me – and still does today.

To this day I still like to use Highest Potential for work, before big performances, but also for meditation and my yoga practice. In my inner practice, I found that it allowed me to reach a meditative state and a feeling of expansion, within a much faster time frame than usual. In fact, I am often there with the Highest Potential Essential Oil within a few breaths.

Application Tips:
How do I apply Highest Potential for my inner practice?

  1. I let it run in the diffuser,
  2. inhale on the bottle or my real favorite application is
  3. before I start my practice, rub a drop of Highest Potential in my hands, visualize my intention for the following practice and inhale Highest Potential with deep breaths for a few minutes.
    There are many essential oils that I use for mediation, but this mixture is still one of my favorites today.

Highest Potential:

  • connects you with your own infinite wisdom
  • contains the essential oil blend “Gathering” – this is a blend that realigns your chakras and energy, which in turn helps you release those blockages that prevent you from connecting with yourself.
  • contains the essential oil blend “Australian Blue”, which is incredibly good for grounding. Grounding is very important for all of us who live in this modern, artificial world.
    Especially for intuitive processes – because there you want to stay with one leg in your subconscious, with the other in your consciousness – you want to create the bridge between subconscious and consciousness, so that the wisdom and knowledge that rests hidden in your subconscious can come into consciousness.
  • contains two other essential oils, ylang ylang and jasmine, both of which:
  • open the heart to trust and believe in yourself
  • helps us to connect with the inner child who knows how to use intuition in a natural way
  • helps you to put yourself in the state of mind needed to connect with your intuitive self.

Anwendungs Tip:

Put a drop of Highest Potential on your left hand. With your right hand, rub it 3 times clockwise and fold your hands in front of your nose. Breathe deeply in and out and just be there. Listen inside yourself what wants to come out, what is alive inside you right now.

Then spread the rest on the back of your neck and forehead.

“Highest Potential is an exotic oil blend that can help you to increase your competence and develop your highest potential.”

This oil combines the uplifting and inspiring qualities of Australian Blue with the power of Gathering to focus on the essentials and concentrate your own energies.

The jasmine, which is also included, helps to strengthen self-confidence and Ylang Ylang soothes, calms and harmonizes.

Highest Potential is a very interesting and versatile oil, it consists of 16 individual oils! Incredible, isn’t it? …how a flower meadow or a paradisiacal garden may smell…

Highest Potential contains some spiritual oils from the Bible such as incense, galbanum and sandalwood. These oils help you to connect with the Divine within you and to realize your true potential, and perhaps your true purpose here on earth. They help you to come into your power and to realize your goals and dreams.

Trust in your life…

Highest Potential can help you to trust yourself and your life more, to release restrictive belief patterns and to focus on your strengths and your potential and not always only on your weaknesses and mistakes.

I like to use the scent of Highest Potential when I’m really angry, no longer want to actively participate in life and fall into a kind of apathy, to balance my chakras, for fears (especially those nasty ones from my childhood), to strengthen my self-confidence, to daydream when my depressed mood haunts me, for more focus and just to increase my general well-being.

When and how do you prefer to use Highest Potential?

The scent of Highest Potential has a wonderfully calming effect on the mind, while at the same time it is uplifting and liberating. Highest Potential can help you to let go of feelings of annoyance or upset and to come back to your senses.

Highest Potential not only helps you to let go of these negative emotions, but also to bring out the positive feelings of forgiveness, self-esteem and love, so that you can recognize and live your true potential.

Now I wish you a wonderful, calm and relaxed week, much joy and success,

Eila Büche from Team ENJOY

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