Juniper – Cleansing

Juniper – ready to cleanse and care for your oily, hydrated or sluggish skin!
The berries of the juniper bush which grows throrugh our europe are distilled to obtain the clear, thin liquid called juniper oil or juniper berry oil. If you visit Young Living farm in Mona/UTAH, you’ll find huge pils of Juniper trees waiting to be distilled for one of the worlds best and purest essential oils.

Because of its cleansing and purifying, toning and tissue tightening properties juniper essential oil is very popular in the daily beauty regiment of beauty queens.

It is particularly suited for cleansing the skin and for thecare of oily, hydrated or sluggish skin.
The skin will be taut and well supplied with blood after a juniper-oil facial cleanser or facial steam bath.
Jinper oil draws out fluids, and therefore also appears in cellulite recipies. Its scent is powerful, and slighly reminiscent of pine needles – the typical gin scent.

Do your own cleansing oil!
This is good for  gentle cleansing of the facial skin.

– 60ml almond or jojoba oil and

– 15-20 drops pf Juniper essential oil.

For blemished skin you can also add a few drops of lemon, tee tree or basil essential oil.

Put all Ingredients in an amber-coloured bottle and shake well.
For cleansing, put some of the oil on the face and remove with a cotton ball.