Lindai Schwarz



Since childhood I was fascinated by nature and what is has to offer as natural remedies. I always believed in the human body’s self healing powers and learned how herbs and plants support our bodily functions.

When I first encountered essential oils from Young Living I was totally blown away by the oils purity and therapeutic grade quality. Also, I did not get headaches like I used to when encountering other oils and fragrances. Trusting my senses, I started working with the oils and was overwhelmed by the physical, emotional and spiritual effect of these oils on my life. I decided to work with Young Living and help spread the rediscovered knowledge of ancient times by Gary Young. This decision not only affected my well being and personal development, but also paved a new career with unforeseen financial possibilities to me.

2012 – my life has become more self sufficient, balanced and harmonious. My mission is to inspire others to also live a healthy, harmonious and independent life. My life gets more meaningful when I can make other people’s lives more meaningful.

My work really is to help others improve their lifestyle, support their personal development and help them achieve the financial independence they are looking for. Therefore, I look forward to possibly working with you soon!

Fragrant regards,

Lindai Schwarz


Phone: +1 917 274 7588

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