Live the life of your Dreams!

FrankincenseFrom time to time, all of us get tested by the universe. We all have to bear our burdens. We all get our exams in life – and sometimes it simply seems too much to bear.
But there is good news!
Plants have been at our side since the beginning of times – helping and strengthening our bodies, spirits and deeds.

The first step to your life of your dreams, is the act of accepting what is.
Use the Oils Blend Acceptance to help you embrace what is, the situation and life you are in right now.
Only now, after you have accepted it whole hardheartedly, can you do the next step to manifesting the life of your dreams.

Apply Acceptance under your tongue, on your temples and on your chest.
Now walk a few steps backwards, bring some distance to whatever bothers you, and take a deep breath.

It doAcceptanceesn`t matter what kind of change you wish for, always use frankincense.
Put frankincense on the back of your skull, and inhale the scent of this wonderful oil deeply.

Our attitude toward something totally changes the way we do things.
One of the best ways to change our attitude by applying frankincense.

Your life is exactly how you think it to be.