Release your bitterness

Consciously or unconsciously we often wish or hope for a certain outcome, and if it doesn’t occur the way we would like it, we become saddened and disappointed. We usually process these negative experiences throughout the course of time, but sometimes our anger, our wounded-self, and our sadness, doesn’t go away, and thus, transforms into bitterness. Bitter feelings make us a perfect victim. It puts us in a state where we no longer actively grow, but rather identify with our negativity and become mired with pain.

As unhealthy, and not at all beneficial as bitterness seems upon first sight – it is actually a natural component of our humanly emotional palette. If we allow ourselves to feel our bitterness, we can experience our hurt in a new way and then the process of healing will begin.

It is ok to feel bitterness. Embrace it. Accept it. It will lead you the way of healing. Usually having bitter feelings means that you cut yourself off from positive and joyful things in life. You harden your heart — promising to not ever let anyone hurt you again.

In the same way as you holding on to bitterness will make you into a “living-dead”, accepting your bitterness can lead you into freedom and will bring healing to you. If you decide, that you dont want to be “bitter” anymore, you will be born into a world full of joy and fulfillment with a new, never before experienced intensity. If you decide to lift the veil of bitterness from your heart, it will be flooded with love and joy. To free yourself from bitterness you simply need to decide to forgive and go on. You can forgive a person, a situation, or yourself. It doesn’t matter. Forgive; embrace and allow yourself to go on. Sometimes people find it hard to release their hurt emotions. But always remember: you are the only person who really suffers from your negative emotions.

If you succeed in letting go of your bitterness, you will experience how your innermost authentic healing powers activate themselves, and you will discover life anew in its sheer wonderment. You will experience the happiness and fulfillment you really deserve.

How to release your bitter (negative/hurt) feelings

1. Let 2 – 3 drops of Release essential oil, drop into your left hand and activate it by rubbing your hands together, three times clockwise.

2. Rub the essential oil on your liver (lower right side, where the floating rib is located.) If you would like, apply a warm or hot towel on top of it.

3. Hold your hands up close to your nose and just inhale the fragrance of release. Take several deep breaths and let your emotions come – don’t be afraid of them, don’t hold on to them, simply let them pass by. You will see, that in time they will simply dissolve by themselves.

Give yourself a couple of minutes for this. Enjoy!
The more you calm yourself and the more conscious you can observe the whole process, the deeper the effect.