Stress – go away!

5 favourite uses with Stress Away essential oil

Maria gazes out over the ocean, the mountains at her feet -out until her eyes meet the horizon, where earth and heaven seem to connect. She feels tense, irritated – she feels the urge to get busy with something – anything really, anything other than just standing there doing nothing. Her thoughts race, her feelings run amok… “relax”, “let go”, these are words she almost fears. They certainly don’t mean anything positive to her. They are more synonyms for “boredom”, “waste time”… here lies the danger of loosing control or worse – loosing everything she worked so hard towards to achieve.

Stress Away Essential Oil was designed to help us leave all the stresses of life behind! Use it for any kind of stress including stress that comes with tiredness, irritation or even unwind before bed. Any way, Stress Away eases stress today

1.Breathe away that stress…

Take one drop of Stress Away essential oil in to your hands, rub them together and fold them over your nose. Just breathe, just be with that sweet, earthy scent and feel. Feel your body – how does she feel? Feel your heart – how does it feel? Where are you in this space and time right now? What is happening in just this moment?

Breath out and let go of stress, anxiety, tension. Relax into the present moment.

2. Soft and silky hair

Essential oils are great for your haircare. Put a few drops of Stress Away on your hands and massage it into your scalp and hair. It will not only nurture your hair, but add a scent, as if you were coming right out of an exotic adventure.

3. Take care of that beard

This is for all you guys out there, who love the scent of the tropical adventure… the woody scent of Stress Away essential oil helps you, to ground yourself and at the same time ads an aura of freshness to you. Cedar wood essential oil is THE ideal oil for men in leadership positions. Just mix a few drops of cedar wood or Stress Away essential oil with a little coconut oil, and rub in on your beard. You will love the smooth and fragrant feeling…

4. Get some inspiration…

Lime essential oil will provide you with an hint of freshness, which will inspire and delight you while going after your daily chores, meeting friends or doing your haushold chores. Create an atmosphere of inspiration in diffusing Stress Away in your kitchen, sleeping room or bathroom.

5. Relax and create your personal spa – experience

Put a few drops of Stress Away essential oil in your bathing water or enjoy a relaxing foot soak. Especially after a long trip, an exhausting working day or an emotional challenging situation… Stress Away will take care of you.