The 9 super powers of essential vetiver oil

When it’s time to relax after a long day, when it’s time to get down to work on a project, it’s time for vetiver.


The essential oil of vetiver connects you with Mother Earth and her power. It has a very earthy and earthy scent. When I close my eyes and inhale vetiver, I see myself walking through a mountain forest, in autumn, in the air the scent of the forest, the autumn sun, the mountains and the last warmth of the year on my skin… what does vetiver remind you of?

Do you know the feeling of being “shaky” and “shaky” inside? Every little thing throws you off balance, ignites fears or makes you feel hot-tempered? On the emotional level, the scent of vetiver is very grounding and soothing. It can help you get away from excitement and stress.

How to use: Create your personal “Strength Perfume” by applying a drop of vetiver to the wrists and behind the ears. In this way, not only will the delicious vetiver fragrance accompany you all day long, but it will also help you stay in your center.

Do you know that your children sweep through the world like detached bullies, losing their own center and getting completely out of hand? Vetiver is one of the essential oils with the highest content of sesquiterpenes. That is why Dr. Terry Friedmann has extensively investigated the extent to which its fragrance can have a positive effect on the behavior of children.

How to use: Rub 1-2 drops of vetiver between your hands until both your hands and the oil are nice and warm (for children under 8 years of age, add some V6 or other vegetable oil to dilute). Then hold and gently massage the soles of your feet. If the child wants it, you can also put some of the oil in his hands so he can smell it whenever he feels like it.

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Do you know the feeling when you feel the joy of movement in every cell, and you are so full of the joy of movement that today you run a kilometer further than usual, lift a few kilos more than usual or swim a few extra laps? … and then: oh dear. The limbs, joints – yes, the whole body becomes stiff and uncomfortable in the following hours? Vetiver is included in two of my favorite massage oils: Ortho Ease and Ortho Sport. It can be really beneficial for tired muscles and minds after sports.

How to use: After exercise, warm up some massage oil in a water bath (or alternatively simply use it directly from the bottle), add a few drops of vetiver and massage the strained muscles with it.

Do you know the feeling when you are so nervous that you can hardly sit still? When you can’t find your inner peace? And you just can’t find peace of mind? The essential oil of vetiver has a sweet-woody scent and is not only suitable for external use, but also especially for the diffuser. Vetiver gives a room a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

Vetiver is a threshold and protective oil that has been popular since ancient times not only in medicine and energetics, but also as a perfume note. So be confidently creative when it comes to mixing your own fragrance creations, with vetiver as the base note 🙂

The applications for vetiver are very versatile. From the ideal grounding scent in a relaxing massage to the ideal spicy note in soaps, perfumes and skin care products. Read on to learn more about vetiver – and if you need a break in between for a vetiver hand massage, I can understand that very well 🙂

1.The power of the earth

The vetiver plant is a hardy grass originating from the tropical parts of Asia and Central America. Young Living sources its vetiver oil from Haiti and Ecuador. It is a fragrant grass with long stems and flowers.

However, the essential oil is extracted from the root of the plant. The roots of vetiver grass can grow over 3 meters long. Their deep, well-connected roots help the plant survive drought and erosion unscathed. The main components of the essential oil of vetiver are Alpha Vetivone, Benzoic Acid, Beta Vetivone, Furfurol, Vetiverol, Vetivene, and Vetivenyl Vetivenate.

If you are interested in the secrets of these individual components, just type them into your browser and see what you can find 🙂

Have you ever felt that after a negative experience you needed days, maybe even weeks to recover? Do you know the experience that when you go out into nature after a negative experience, you miraculously get better after a while? Vetiver can also do this with and for you: help you to recover and find your way back to your center.

Vetiver connects you with the power of the earth.

Application tip: To come down, before bedtime, to get back into your center and strength:

  • let a drop of vetiver drip onto your left hand, rub it 3 times right with your right hand,
  • fold your hands and lead them to your nose
  • take 2-3 minutes, inhale the fragrance by breathing in and out deeply
  • then let your hands sink into your lap and feel inside you for a few more breaths. How do you feel now?

2. Genie in the bottle

The essential oil of vetiver is obtained by steam distillation from the root. The scent of the essential oil is slightly sweet and earthy. From 50 kg of the roots you get about 1 kg essential oil

The scent of vetiver has a grounding, calming and balancing effect on our minds. It brings you back into harmony with Mother Earth, vetiver connects you with the energy of the nourishing earth. The earth from which everything is born and to which one day everything returns.

In this way it connects us with nature, the spirits and beings of the forest and the earth.

For many, vetiver is one of the essential oils for transformation and strengthening through the energy of the earth. Vetiver reminds us that life is cyclical and the more gracefully we go along with the cycles of life, the easier and more joyful our journey will be. It is time to be kind, loving and nurturing with yourself.

How to use: Open your vetiver bottle and take a deep nose of vetiver scent. Close your eyes if you like. Listen into the silence, listen to the fragrance. What is your impulse/image/feeling/thought/… Really pay attention to the very first impulse, the one that comes before your mind joins in.

3. For the people

The woody, earthy, warm aroma of vetiver oil has been highly appreciated around the world for decades. One of the most popular uses of vetiver fragrance is in soaps and colognes for men. You can create a personalized fragrance by using some vetiver oil as a base note.

“Use me to connect with Mother Earth when life becomes bumpy and difficult. Even during transitions and after experiences that have shaken you to your core, I can give you stability and support again.” This is the message of Vetiver for you.

How to use: Wrap yourself in vetiver

  • take a bowl of V6 or another vegetable oil suitable for massage,
  • heat the oil in a water bath to about 39-40 degrees,
  • add 5-10 drops of vetiver,
  • massage yourself with it from head to toe or even better: let yourself be rubbed and massaged with it from head to toe.

4. Unique scent

Let the complex and uplifting scent of vetiver calm your mind so you can better focus on the tasks that require your full attention. It is a perfect essential oil for learning, difficult tasks and work instructions, or just for reading a long, exciting book. The scent of vetiver creates a relaxing atmosphere where distractions lose their power.

How to use: Put 5-10 drops in your diffuser and place it next to you so that its fragrance can envelop you nicely…

5. Thick like honey

Vetiver is also known for its viscosity. Sometimes it is a real test of patience until the drop finally comes out of the bottle! But patience is a virtue that is very worthwhile in this case. Because the essential oil is so viscous, it is a good idea to mix it with a carrier oil such as V-6 or another vegetable oil for massages.

How to use: Because of its “heavy” substance, vetiver is in fragrance that lingers very long on your skin. So use it as a perfume that will accompany you all day long!

6. Soft touch – the magical bathtub

Would you like to take a real bath in vetiver? This is especially a good idea if you are very nervous, exhausted and separated from your own inner strength.

How to use: Relax from head to toe by taking 15 – 20 drops of vetiver with you in the bathtub. Mix the essential oil with some emulsifier such as honey, milk or salt before you put it in the water. If you want to light a few candles and put on your favorite relaxing music – well, that’s between you and vetiver.

7. On Your Body

Do you have the urgent feeling that you need a vacation, rest and relaxation? Do you still have all those unused foot and hand massage coupons in your closet, which your loved one gave you for Valentine’s Day? Combined with a few drops of vetiver you will definitely not regret redeeming them now 🙂

How to use: Combine a few drops of vetiver with some V-6 to create a really deep relaxing, grounding massage.

8. On your skin

The essential oil of vetiver is rich in substances that are pleasant for the care of scars and other subjects of healthy skin. They also support the growth of healthy tissue, so old, damaged tissue can be renewed. This is very helpful not only for the care of stretch marks after pregnancy, after heavy weight loss and traces of smallpox and burns. So get creative and find ways to incorporate vetiver into your daily skin care routine.

9. At home

Create a mix that will bring relaxation and peace to your entire family. With 3 drops of vetiver, 5 drops of lavender and 2 drops of ylang ylang in your diffuser you create the perfect atmosphere for a relaxing, restful evening. Whether it’s a stimulating game round, relaxing reading, or if you just want a more relaxed atmosphere for homework.

I really hope you found some new inspiration about vetiver here. Believe me, it is worth trying them out!

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Now I wish you a wonderful, calm and relaxed week, a lot of joy with vetiver,

Eila Büche from Team ENJOY

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