The fragrance of Love…

Every year on 14th of february the church celebrates the commemoration of St. Valentine (Valentine’s Day). It is also celebrated worldwide as Lovers’ Day.

Valentine’s Day is that special day when lovers all over the world make time for their loved ones (it could as well be that your loved one at the moment is yourself!) It reminds us to celebrate our love, to cherish, nourish and grow our love.

I would like to take this wonderful day as an opportunity to write about love. The love for yourself, which secrets can help you to live long lasting and fulfilling relationships, and of course how you can live and create your love with essential oils…

Der klassische Kommerz „verkauft“ den Valentinstag als „Pärchen – Tag“. Ich schreibe hier über den Tag der Liebe.

  • Das kann für dich deine Selbstliebe bedeuten – warum nicht einfach mal einen Tag um dich selbst zu lieben?
  • Dies kann für dich aber auch bedeuten, einen Tag der Liebe mit deinem Mann/Frau/PartnerIn zu verbringen.
  • Es kann aber auch bedeuten, einen besonderen Tag der Liebe mit mehreren Lieblingsmenschen zu verbringen. Es gibt nicht nur eine Art zu lieben, und es gibt nicht nur eine Person die man lieben kann.

Classic commerce “sells” Valentine’s Day as “couples’ day.” I’m writing about Love Day here.

  • This can mean your self-love for you – why not celebrate this special day to love yourself?
  • This can also mean for you to spend a day of love with your husband/wife/partner.
  • But it can also mean to spend a special day of love with several favourite people. There is not only one way to love and there is not only one person to be loved in your live.

So be creative, take some inspiration here with you and create this February 14th in the name of this wonderful energy: Love.

Love is a pure and radiant flame. Nothing can be greater than love. Love is life and life itself is a spontaneous flow of nectar and delight.

Essential oil of love 1 – ROSE

Rose is the plant of love par excellence. No other plant is as much a symbol of love as roses. The strong, sweet scent of roses is very romantic and arouses feelings of love and passion.

The essential oil of the rose has been used for hundreds of years for emotional balance. It stimulates and opens your heart chakra, allowing you to feel and receive unconditional love. Love is not about owning something or someone. True love is expressed when you give yourself completely.

Even the application of small amounts of this precious essential oil can help you release fears that are related to intimacy, trust and possessiveness. It will also help you to integrate the male and female energy within you, which is an essential process to become balanced and “whole” from within.


a) If you are alone on Valentine’s Day this year, take a drop of rose essential oil, apply it to your heart, inhale the fragrance and feel the love within you, the love that constantly gushes from your heart. Feel this love enveloping and fulfilling you.

If you feel like it, treat yourself to a rose bath or a full body massage.
For a full bath, mix a few drops of rose with an emulsifier, place candles in your bathroom, turn off the light, sprinkle rose petals over the bath water…
For a self-love full-body massage, warm a small amount of fragrance-free carrier oil (coconut oil, wheat germ oil, or Young Living’s V6), add 5 drops of rose essential oil and stroke and massage your body with loving movements. Take time for yourself. Look at yourself with loving eyes, touch yourself with a loving touch.

b) When you are with one or more partners/loved ones, create your own little ritual: each person applies a drop of rose essential oil to the heart center of the other person. Then stay together for a few minutes in silence and inhale the fragrance. Imagine love flowing between your hearts.
For a very special experience, give each other a rose massage: warm up some massage oil (see above), add about 5 drops of rose and let yourself be pampered (if you are more than 2, a 4 or 6 hand massage can be divine).

Who was Saint Valentine?

Valentin was a poor priest who lived in anti-Christian Rome in the third century. Valentin married many people and gave them flowers from his garden. The marriages which were made by him were always under a good star.

Valentin also married soldiers, who had to remain unmarried according to imperial orders, according to Christian ceremonial. Presumably this was the reason why Valentin was beheaded in Rome on February 14th, 269 by order of Emperor Claudius II and thus became a martyr. Saint Valentine is considered the patron saint of lovers, fiancées and beekeepers.

In modern times, people are separating as quickly as perhaps never before. Few people still manage to live long term, fulfilling love relationships. But that the hope for love has not died despite many disappointments and separations, shows the still popular Valentine’s Day. A day of love, of romance, of intimacy…

You follow the love of your heart,
then your lifes happiness will follow you.

Another favourite oil for the day of love is:

Essential oil of love 2 – GERANIUM

It has a sweet, flowery fragrance, very similar to that of the rose. Most people cannot distinguish the fragrance of the essential oil of geranium from that of the rose – therefore the geranium is a cheaper alternative to the rose. The essential oil of the geranium, like that of the rose, is also wonderful for the skin, can be worn well as a perfume and can strengthen feelings of closeness, love, connection and passion.

The fragrance of geranium essential oil can help you release negative emotions and memories. It helps you to rise above your fear of loss, fear of love and commitment. It shows you how to accept yourself in love. For just as we love ourselves, we can also love others. The deeper you can love yourself, the deeper you can love others.


Let yourself be inspired by her scent and create your own personal love ritual with geranium. Maybe a perfume, maybe a head massage, maybe in a moment of self-love apply it to your stomach or heart area…

The true origin of Valentine’s Day

The true origin of Valentine’s Day goes back much further than the third century and Priest Valentine. In the middle of February the mating season of the birds begins, spring awakes. This is reason enough to celebrate!

In the Roman Empire, 14 February was consecrated to the goddess Juno (Juno as the protector of marriage and family). Both Juno and the women were given flowers. Young girls went to the Juno Temple on this high feast day to get a love oracle for the right choice of partner.

The 14/15 February was also the feast of the she-wolf, the so-called Luperkalien took place. This was a festival where the sexual rituals for the first menstruation of girls were held and marriages were held perferably.

If you feel that you can’t love yourself;
imagine you’re walking in a garden with many, many flowers.
Choose one and walk closer.
Admire its beauty,
smell her,
and feel, like the beauty, the purity,
the fragrance of this flower
passes into you and becomes part of you.
Now extend your love from the blossom to yourself.

Essential oil of love 3 – NEROLI

Neroli, the orange blossom, has a wonderful floral fragrance with a touch of citrus. In ancient Egypt, Neroli was popular for its transformative effect on the mind, body and spirit. Neroli essential oil is also very popular in connection with love, passion and closeness. In the past, its fresh petals were sprinkled on the bedding of newlyweds and the bed sheets were sprinkled with its fragrance.

Neroli brings you into the now, into the present moment, out of the musings of the past or the fears of the future. To be able to stand fully in your power, you must be anchored in the present moment.

Neroli essential oil supports you in your self-knowledge, helps you to bring back to yourself the parts of yourself that you may have lost in the past, future or on other levels and helps you to open your heart and let go of feelings of powerlessness, helplessness and self-blockage.


With Neroli in the diffuser you can create a wonderful atmosphere for the day of love in your home.
Just like rose and geranium essential oils, Neroli essential oil is very skin caring and incredibly beneficial in a massage, a bath or a small scented meditation by hand inhalation.

Living long-term, fulfilling relationships is not easy for most people. Most of us did not have inspiring role models in our parents/guardians of childhood for how relationships succeed.

These are some of the factors I have found to be very essential and important in interpersonal relationships. Feel free to share in the comments below what your personal secrets are for successful partnership/relationships!


Trust is the foundation stone in every relationship. Trust is a process measured by deeds, not words.

Every time your partner keeps one of his promises, even if it is only a small thing like cleaning out the dishwasher or taking out the garbage, it builds on the trust of a common future with you. And vice versa – every time you stand by your word, you build on your shared future.

All happiness, all ecstasy of life lies at your feet,
Now that you have learned to truly love yourself.

Essential oil of love 4 – JASMIN

The essential oil of jasmine is a very old secret recipe for nights full of intimacy, closeness and passion. The scent of jasmine awakens euphoria and happiness in you. Jasmine is definitely one of the top 3 aphrodisiac essential oils. The flowery, exotic scent is said to be able to arouse hot feelings of passion and desire.

Through Jasmine you can gain a deeper understanding of sexual energy, release deep-seated fears in this area such as fear of intimacy, feelings of inferiority and being used. Jasmine brings you in flow with the divine nature of sexuality and shows you how to embrace the exchange of energy that happens when two people unite.


Jasmine essential oil can also be used alone in a beautiful self-love ritual. Or even with partners/loved ones together. Simply dilute it with some carrier oil and apply it to the spiritual heart and erogenous zones.

If you celebrate with a partner of the opposite sex, the male part can anoint the woman lovingly with jasmine, and the female part can anoint the man with sandalwood. Especially on the intimate parts of the body this can be a very special experience.

But beware! If essential oils are to be applied near sensitive skin areas, always dilute with a carrier oil – otherwise it can get very “hot” and burn quite a lot, which can have the opposite effect to the desired one…


The “Communication Sandwich” is a very helpful way to communicate. Tell your partner something that you value very much in him or her or for which you are grateful. Then say the things that annoy you, hurt you or make you angry. Then say something positive again. Like a sandwich.

If your partner does not feel attacked, he or she will be more motivated to respond to you, to listen to you and to act in your interest.

You can feel true love when you realize, that love lives not in your mind but in your heart. Imagine the person you love in your heart and infuse him or her with your hearts love.

Essential oil of love 5 – SANDELWOOD

Sandalwood is also one of those essential oils that can inspire loving feelings and actions. With its slightly tart, rather masculine scent, it is one of the favourite essential oils of men.

The scent of sandalwood awakens your sensuality, invites peace and serenity and promotes deep relaxation. This state allows a higher intuition and awareness, especially when you are learning to open your heart and live in unconditional love.


You can inhale sandalwood essential oil and with its help go into a state of pleasant relaxation, feel the stress of the day draining away and fully engage with your loved one.

If you are with someone of the opposite sex, the woman can anoint the man with sandalwood, the man can anoint the woman with jasmine. This can be done in a mindful, meditation-like gentle massage, in which the active partner looks at the partner with loving eyes and loves with loving touches, and the passive partner practices opening up completely and giving himself/herself to the other.

Commitment – Freedom

Happiness lies somewhere in the middle between commitment and freedom. It is important to leave the other free. Nobody likes the feeling of being locked up and confined. Respect your partner as he is. With his ideas, needs and wishes. And don’t forget to get involved with your ideas, needs and wishes too.

Commitment is not meant here in the sense that one can constrict the other or put into one’s own template of the “dream – man” or the “dream – woman”. Hereby it is meant not to run away at the first inconvenience. Commit to each other that whatever life may bring, you will master it together and move forward together.

Feel that your source is pure love. Meet all people in your life from this place of love. Take every action in your life from this place of love too.

Essential oil of love 6 – YLANG YLANG

Just between you and me, this one is one of my absolute favorites. If you’re looking for a beguiling, seductive aphrodisiac, you might be looking for ylang ylang. This sensual essential oil can deepen and intensify your sexual encounter and give you wings. At the same time Ylang Ylang has an emotional balancing effect and simply puts you in a good mood.

Ylang Ylang has long been known and loved for balancing male and female energy to achieve a state of harmony. Ylang Ylang is also very helpful for the balance between head and heart. Ylang Ylang helps you to get back into balance, on all levels.

The fragrance of ylang ylang essential oil can help you release negative emotions such as anger, possessiveness and low self-esteem. Positive emotions such as self-confidence, self-love and spiritual awareness will become more aware of how we can live our lives for our highest good and that of all the people in our lives – possibly something different from what we have learned so far will be strengthened by Ylang Ylang.


a) For your personal self-love ritual every morning: get yourself a good brush. Massage your scalp with 2-3 drops of Ylang Ylang every morning, and then pamper yourself, your hair and your scalp with extensive brushing (I prefer to use natural hair brushes).

b) Mix 2 drops of Ylang Ylang with 2 drops of sandalwood to create a massage experience that your partner will probably never forget…

Love is a verb, not a noun

It is so easy to lose sight of love in everyday life and let negativity take over. By expressing your love to your loved ones again and again with small (or sometimes even bigger) gestures, it will grow in your heart. We all are the most wonderful version of ourselves when we feel loved. Aren’t we?

So if you want to experience many more happy years with your loved ones, make sure that they feel loved. Because then they will bloom and blossom and you will love them even more…

You are here on earth to experience love.
When you see, look through eyes of love.
When you hear, hear through loving ears.
When you feel, feel with your loving heart.

Essential oil of love 7 – CLARY SAGE

Clary sage is one of those essential oils that you either love or hate. With its herbal, woody scent, not everyone loves it. But for all those who get along with clary sage, it has very powerful, positive effects. Clary Sage is a euphoric essential oil that strengthens your creativity and inspiring thoughts.

It supports and strengthens women in transitions that affect their bodies, sexuality and relationships.

Take this into your love nest and WOW!

Common values

If the basic values do not match, you have difficult years ahead of you. So first clarify for yourself, what are your most important values? And then exchange them. For example, if your top priority is “honesty” and your partner doesn’t even have it on his list, it might be a good idea to talk about it.

Don’t try to change the world. You won’t succeed.
Try to love the world, and you’ll see, it is changed.
Forever changed by your love.

Essential oil of love 8 – LAVENDER

The essential oil of lavender supports relaxation, so that if you are stressed or tired, you can get back into a festive mood and let go of stress and all that you don’t need on a day like this.


Evaporate a few drops in the diffuser or treat yourself to a relaxing footbath with lavender to get in the mood for the night of love.

By the way: love goes through the stomach… especially in combination with the love spell chocolate and aphrodisiacal essential oils. So go ahead, find a recipy for chocolate and infuse it with some of those essential oils for love…

There are many customs associated with Valentine’s Day. The best thing is to get creative and come up with something beautiful and suitable for you. Nevertheless, I would like to share some customs with you here, maybe they can inspire you 🙂

With the date of the feast, the custom arose in Rome, similar to the May customs, that young, unmarried men could draw one from a number of slips of paper with the name of an unmarried woman on it. The couples drawn by lot went through the city together and some are said to have fallen in love with each other in this way. In this way the older Roman customs mixed with the story of the Christian martyr and flowed into later society.

If you ever dare to fight hate,
there’s only one weapon more powerful than hate:

Essential oil of love 9 – SENSATION

Sensation is a blend of essential oils that help you to discover and live your sensuality. This is the essential oil to pamper your senses. With Sensation you can enjoy the present moment even better, you can respond to your partner (or yourself) even more consciously and sensitively. Sensation opens your senses.

Sensation is a mixture of coriander, ylang ylang, bergamot, jasmine and geranium. This is a blend created by Gary Young to support love, affection, tenderness and closeness.


If you make yourself beautiful and take care of yourself on this Valentine’s Day to celebrate the day properly, you could treat yourself to a pampering and seductive peeling while taking a shower, for example. Just take this recipe here: and replace the essential oil Stress Away with Sensation or one of the other oils described here!

In the Middle Ages the custom arose that men who wanted to get married would bring a bouquet of flowers to their beloved as early as possible in the morning. According to popular tradition, a girl would marry the first man she saw on Valentine’s Day. In England, it was the custom to send anonymous love letters on Valentine’s Day, while in France, Valentine and Valentine were determined by lot, who then lived a kind of betrothal for a year. The tradition of celebrating Valentine as the patron saint of lovers first appeared in France, Belgium and England in the Middle Ages. The “Valentine greetings” are first documented in the 14th century.

If your thoughts trouble you, give them your love.
If your feelings trouble you, offer them your love.
In your love you will find peace. True, deep, inner peace.

Essential oil of love 10 – LADY SCLAREOL

Are you now confused and unsure which of these essential oils you should use? Then perhaps this is yours; Lady Sclareol. Also an essential oil blend created by Gary Young, an intoxicating blend of geranium, coriander, vetiver, orange, clary sage, bergamot, ylang ylang, sandalwood, Spanish sage, jasmine, blue spruce, spearmint and hinoki.


Lady Sclareol appeals to both men and women… apply a few drops on your skin and let the night of love begin.

In the old days, Valentine’s Day was considered an unlucky day for cattle. …so they were not allowed to work on that day. February 14th was also the day of the great feasts of sailors, guilds, guilds and brotherhoods. Thus the guilds in the large Hanseatic cities met on Valentine’s Day for a joint friendship meal. Allegedly, the actual carnival season with big balls, artists’ and masked festivities also began with this day.

I wish you and your loved ones a wonderful, fragrant day of love, please share in the comments below how you have celebrated this year’s day of love. I would be very happy to read from you!

With fragrant greetings,
Eila Bueche for Team ENJOY

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