Live the Young Living Lifestyle

Monday, 4 May 2015 , 8 – 10 pm

Live the Young Living Lifestyle

Free Seminar on Living in Wellness, Purpose and Abundance

The main trends of our time are wellness, information and learning, self responsibility and financial, time and personal freedom. Yet more and more people live in unhealthy, unhappy and enslaving circumstances – many cubicles are encaging their lives. This seminar portrays a lifestyle which allows to develop consciousness in all these fields, so that you can learn to live your life’s true purpose.

In this seminar we look at the three pillars of a fulfilled and fulfilling life:

Genuine wellness, consisting of physical, emotional as well as mental and spiritual balance and wellbeing. Only when all parts of your being are in harmony are you truly healthy. Essential Oils can play a huge part in balancing, refreshing and strengthening you on many levels.

Your why: why are you here on earth – what’s the meaning of your life? Put simply: why do you exist? Your relationship health is a reflection of how you live your why – as the relationship with yourself, with others and with the universe defines how much you will be able to fulfill your purpose in life.

Inner and outer abundance: the third pillar of wellbeing is your financial health. Without it, you are going to suffer mentally, emotionally and physically. How to get into balanced financial health and not hype will be covered in this important part.

Warning, this seminar can change your life. Come at your own risk.

5 Batoum Gardens; W6 7QB London
Underground Station “Hammersmith” or “Goldhawk Road”
Bus station “Blythe Road” (Bus 72, 220, 283, 295)


Further infos:   +49 163 26 01 976